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Bangkok's Best Massage Spots: Most Requested Places.

방콕 스타킹마사지, a city known for its vibrant street life and cultural landmarks, is also a haven for those seeking relaxation and rejuvenation. The city's massage parlors range from luxurious spas to budget-friendly options, offering a variety of treatments that cater to every preference. Here’s a guide to some of the most requested massage spots in Bangkok that promise to leave you refreshed and revitalized.

1. Wat Pho Traditional Thai Massage School

Wat Pho, the Temple of the Reclining Buddha, is not only a historical site but also home to one of the most renowned massage schools in Thailand. Visitors can experience authentic Thai massage from well-trained practitioners. The school offers traditional Thai massage, foot massage, and other treatments in a serene and historic setting. Prices typically start at THB 260 for a 30-minute session.

2. Health Land Spa & Massage

Health Land Spa & Massage is a popular chain with several locations throughout Bangkok. Known for its professional service and luxurious ambiance, Health Land offers a variety of treatments including traditional Thai massage, aromatherapy, and herbal compress therapy. Prices are reasonable, with a two-hour traditional Thai massage costing around THB 600.

3. Let’s Relax Spa

Let’s Relax Spa is a well-known name in Bangkok’s spa scene, offering a wide range of services in a relaxing environment. With multiple locations across the city, Let’s Relax provides treatments such as Thai massage, hot stone massage, and foot reflexology. A two-hour Thai massage is priced at approximately THB 1,000, and the spa’s clean, modern facilities ensure a comfortable experience.

4. Baan Sabai Spa

Baan Sabai Spa, located in the Sukhumvit area, is a boutique spa that offers personalized service and a tranquil atmosphere. The spa specializes in traditional Thai massage, oil massage, and facial treatments. The prices are slightly higher than average, with a one-hour Thai massage costing about THB 800, but the quality of service and serene setting make it worth the extra cost.

5. The Oasis Spa

The Oasis Spa provides a luxurious retreat in the heart of Bangkok. With its elegant decor and extensive menu of treatments, including the signature Oasis Four Hands Massage, this spa is perfect for those looking to indulge in a premium spa experience. Prices are on the higher side, with treatments starting at THB 1,500, but the exceptional service and ambiance justify the cost.

6. Asia Herb Association

Asia Herb Association focuses on herbal treatments and traditional Thai massage, using natural ingredients to enhance the therapeutic benefits. With several branches in Bangkok, the spa offers a range of services including herbal ball massage and oil massage. Prices are competitive, with a two-hour herbal ball massage costing around THB 1,200.

7. Ruen Nuad Massage Studio

Ruen Nuad Massage Studio, located in a charming old house in the Silom area, offers a unique and cozy massage experience. The studio provides traditional Thai massage and aromatherapy in a quaint, homey setting. Prices are affordable, with a one-hour Thai massage priced at THB 450, making it a great option for those seeking quality treatment in a relaxed environment.

8. Divana Spa

Divana Spa is synonymous with luxury and holistic wellness. With multiple branches, Divana offers a variety of treatments including the signature Divana Massage, aromatherapy, and body scrubs. The spa’s opulent decor and exceptional service make it a popular choice among those looking to splurge on a high-end spa experience. Prices start at around THB 2,500 for a two-hour session.


Bangkok's massage parlors and spas offer a diverse range of treatments that cater to different budgets and preferences. Whether you're looking for a traditional Thai massage in a historic setting, a luxurious spa experience, or a budget-friendly option, Bangkok has it all. Each of these most requested massage spots promises to provide a rejuvenating experience, ensuring that you leave feeling relaxed and revitalized. So, the next time you’re in Bangkok, treat yourself to a soothing massage and experience the ultimate in relaxation.


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